Writing Webinars for Businesses

Want to improve your own communications or the messages your staff generate? From crafting smart emails to creating winning case studies, we have the Webinar and courses to help you get the job done right. Our Email Tune-Up will help you write tighter emails (and maybe more politically correct ones). The Grammar Excellence for Business workshop uncovers those "trouble" words such as "then" and "than" and shows you the proper word for the each situation.

Browse our list of Webinars and workshops below to find the one that will help you pump a more professional image into your business documents.

Email Tune-up: This two-hour session is designed to help you craft better communications that get to the point and do it with accuracy and purpose. Using examples from participants and from instructors, we'll show you what works, doesn't work, and how you can give better email. Two hours for only $125.

Grammar Excellence for Business: Make sure your messages are conveyed appropriately! This three-session workshop will help you identify those problem words that can change the meaning of your message. Using interactive exercises, we'll walk you through some of the more common word challenges and give you the tools to improve your writing. We'll focus on:

- Grammatical gaffes and how to fix them
- Modifiers and why they can't dangle
- Punctuation for the literate

Bring a sample of your writing and your questions! Three sessions for just $285.

The Politically Correct Response: Yes, you want to say it, but how do you formulate a response that is tactful and gets the point across? This two-hour session is a more focused look at how to build messages that pass the corporate political test. We'll concentrate on:

- Inflammatory words and substitutes
- Tone
- Assertiveness without the bully attitude

A great course for those concerned about communicating with peers or superiors in a graceful way that shows a team attitude. Two one-hour sessions for $180.00


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