The Story of About Writing Squared

Anne Wayman, Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, CoachAnne Wayman has been freelancing longer than she cares to admit. Writers know her best these days through her blog, About Freelance Writing.

She has a series of ebooks for writers there and has a solid reputation as a blogger, book ghostwriter and writing coach.

Anne loves helping freelancers and knew a forum was another good way to do just that. Writers talking with writers, sharing what they know is an incredible source of practical knowledge.

Besides, Anne knows a supportive forum is the perfect antidote to the isolation a writer can so easily slip into. Plus it's just plain fun!

So why is the forum called About Writing Squared?

Back in 2011 or so, Anne and Lori Widmer - another well known, well respected writer and blogger - joined hands to form this forum. Wayman and Widmer sounded like W Squared to Anne and Lori Loved the idea.

Anne goes a bit deeper saying, "My daughter, Linda Wayman Wilder gets a hat tip hat tip- she tells me when she was in college at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo (aka SLO), her sorority sisters dubbed her W squared."

Lori, who decided she wanted to write poetry rather than do the background work for a forum, turned it all over to Anne. Lori still participates regularly.  We count on her as well as other names you'll most likely recognize.

Beginners are truly appreciated at AWS - we learn from them and they enjoy the support.

No matter where you are in your writing career you will benefit from membership.