How Freelance Writers Can Ask For Referrals And Get Them

writing referalsReferrals can become the life-blood of your freelance writing business. When one satisfied client recommends your writing skills to another, its almost easy to land the job. So how do you get referrals? It's simple, really. You ask for them. Yes, it's that simple. Here's why it works: People do love to help other people, particularly when it's easy. Most people who hire writers do know other folks who hire writers. You've done a great job; your client loves to help. It's a natural.

Feeling nervous is natural

Don't be surprised if you find yourself making all sorts of excuses to avoid asking a client for referrals. It's almost natural. The fear is probably that you'll annoy your best client or you'll discover they really don't like your writing, or, or, or... casino games you name it. All those things are, I suppose, possible. Assuming, however, you have decent rapport and the client has indicated they're satisfied with your work, it's unlikely. But people do refuse. I suspect the biggest reason is that no one immediately comes to mind.

Ask if you can use them as a reference

If the client you ask for referrals has none, thank them for considering it and ask if you can use them as a reference. Chances are they will say yes to that. Then, when a prospective client asks for references, you'll have them. References can also help you turn a client who isn't quite sure if they should hire you into a firm YES.

Ask for testimonials

Testimonials that you can put on your website help assure prospective clients that you're good at your work. Again, you begin by asking for them. If they say yes, but seem hesitant about actually getting them written, offer to draft one for them. I've found clients appreciate that because it gives them something to edit. Referrals, references and testimonials can go along way toward helping you build your freelance business. Do you ask for testimonials or referrals or references? All three? If you don't, what gets in your way? Write well and often, Anne Wayman     Sharing this article with your network is as easy as clicking the buttons to the left. Thanks!

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