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John SoaresFreelance writers really benefit when they share their knowledge and experiences with colleagues and get both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Today Iím honored to share an interview I did with Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer, the founders of About Writing Squared: The Supportive Community for Freelance Writers and Other Creatives. Iíve been a happy member from the beginning, and I get a lot out of AWS, including both positive feedback and constructive criticism. ~ John Soares of - the review.

                    MatternAbout Writing Squared is one of my favorite virtual hangouts. I don't have as much downtime as I'd like. But when I do, I know I can stop by the Forum to chat with colleagues in a relaxed environment. And when I need advice from other writers, I always know I'll get meaningful feedback from the other members. It's a professional and inviting place to be, whether you're new to freelance writing or you've been at it as long as you can remember. There's always more to learn. There's always room to grow. And that's what this forum helps you do. ~ Jenn Mattern, who blogs about writing at

Joining About Writing Squared (and the 5 Buck Forum) was the best decision I made for my freelance  business. Not only do I get to pick the brains of some very established freelancers, but the support and feedback I receive in the forum is phenomenal. No question is too simple to ask and no fear is too silly to voice.

If you're looking for a place to hang out with other freelancers in a friendly, non-judgmental and troll free environment. ~ Samar Owais - Blogging at The Writing Base & Creator of How To Break Free Of Low Paying Writing Gigs (And Earn More.

About Writing Squared is my favorite writer forum. It is a friendly space where new writers can interact with experienced writers who are happy to share their knowledge on any issue that troubles you Ė and experienced writers can learn new approaches from new writers. I visit the forum almost every day because I know I will find information from fellow freelance writers whom I respect that will be relevant, useful and may even make me smile . Itís simply a great writer hangout. ~ Sharon Hurley Hall who blogs at Get Paid To Write Online. (See her review of the 5 Buck Forum.)

Wade FinneganThe 5 Buck Forum at About Writing Squared gives me the opportunity to interact with other writing professionals in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. I can pose a question or quandary to the forum and know with confidence that Iíll have a genuine response from people that care. I count on this forum for guidance, camaraderie, and community. Anne and Lori have put together a wonderful place to hang out and advance my professional writing career. I am proud to be a member of this community and look forward to its continued growth. ~ Wade Finnegan, Quality Writing 

I tried forums in the past and found a lot of negative vibes. Because I know and respect both Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer, I gave About Writing Squared forum a shot. What a breath of fresh air. The community is friendly, supportive, and extremely generous with sharing their knowledge. We have writers of every level from the beginner to seasoned pros and from all parts of the world. About Writing Squared has become a daily habit I embrace. I know if I need a solution to a problem or a boost from hanging out with fellow writers who understand, About Writing Squared is where I go. It's a great place that represents all that is good about the online world. ~ Cathy Miller who blogs at Simply Stated Business

Iím new to the 5 Buck Forum but just from trawling the boards, I can see how friendly and supportive everyone is. Writers from a variety of specialties and different walks of life will commiserate with you through the trying times, cheer you on as you strive for your goals, and lift a toast to your writing success.

They also generously share their experiences both good and bad, take the time to offer advice if you need it, and share useful information and tips. Kudos to Lori Widmer and Anne Wayman for fostering a strong spirit of support and camaraderie among the motley crew of writers on this online group, ~ Najua

The 5 Buck Forum is an all around great place to share your freelance trials and triumphs. Successful writers offer tips, support and encouragement for writers at all levels. It is a casual, friendly place to learn about every aspect of professional writing, from social media to technical blogging tips to marketing your writing services. ~ Terri Carr who blogs at YogaSOULutions.

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