How do I know your estimated values are accurate?
You don't, not really and neither do I, not exactly. I have worked to provide an honest guess at how often you might participate and based pricing on past offers. Then I multiplied. Finally I shut both eyes and picked a number I felt was reasonably close. [Back to FAQs]

Am I obligated to buy anything else?
No, not a thing. Ever! Yes, I offer Webinars and ebooks and products I think many of our members will find useful, but you don't have to sign up for any of them or purchase a thing other than your membership. [Back to FAQs]

Will you protect my privacy?
Absolutely! I will never sell, rent or give away the information you provide us. Period. [Back to FAQs]

How do I sign up?
It's easy. Click on this link: JOIN
You'll be all set - or you can click the JOIN link from anywhere else... they all end up in the same place. [Back to FAQs]

Do I have to join PayPal to join here?
Absolutely not. Look closely and you'll see all you really have to do is enter your credit card information. Yes, they would rather you join, but you don't have to. Promise.

Is it easy to quit if I want to?
Yes. You can quit any time by canceling your PayPal payment. If you need help with that I'll be glad to provide it. [Back to FAQs]

Is there a limit on the number of members?
No, at the moment there is no limit on the number of members. I'm in the forum almost every day and if I ever need to limit the number of members I will. [Back to FAQs

What if I need some help with the forum?
Just ask. Seriously, you can ask right there on the forum - you'll find the members helpful. Or send me an email. I know not everyone has experience with online forums. Let me  help. [Back to FAQs]

If you have any additional questions please email me - I tend to answer pretty quickly. The email address is:
Put Forum Question in the subject line please.

We look forward to you joining us!

As always, write well and often.